Roomba automatically calculates the clean.
Follow all operating and use instructions.
Filter Two counter- Powerful vacuum picks up the Side brush 1 2 3 rotating brushes remaining fine particles, dirt, and sweeps along scoop up dirt, hair.
To reduce the risk of injury or damage, keep these safety precautions in mind when setting up, using and maintaining Roomba: general safety instructions Read all safety and operating instructions before operating Roomba.
Never handle chargers with wet hands.Very often issues with iRobot 400 Series begin only after the warranty period ends and you may want to find how to repair it or just do some service work.Picking up debris (See pages 12-13) Roomba does not Charger is not Ensure that the charger is correctly connected to the wall charge plugged in and to Roomba.Maintenance, to keep Roomba running at peak performance, it is recommended that you perform the following maintenance regularly: 1 Remove and empty Roombas bin.Before using this device, pick up objects like clothing, loose papers, pull cords for blinds or curtains, power cords, and any fragile objects.Saturday, 9AM 6PM Eastern Time iRobot Customer Care Outside, uSA Canada, visit m to: Learn hints and tips to improve the performance of your robot.Small children and pets should be supervised when Roomba is cleaning.You will hear a beep and the clean button will be lit.Floor Surfaces Roomba works on wood, carpet, tile, vinyl, and linoleum, and adjusts automatically to different floor types.Remove and clean Roomba.

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Note that the width of the Virtual Walls beam also increases as its length increases, creating a cone-shaped area which.
Do not use a charger with a damaged cord or plug.
Even oftener it is hard to remember what does each function in Vacuum Cleaner iRobot 400 Series is responsible for and what options to choose for expected result.
We're committed to dealing with such abuse according to the laws in your country of residence.12 iRobot Roomba Owners Manual, troubleshooting, roomba will tell you when something is wrong with a two-toneuh-ohsound followed by beeping.T o turn Roomba ON, press clean once.Clean filter compartment, empty bin *Replace filter every 2 months.For Best Performance Remove and.

Number of Likely cause What to do beeps after uh-oh No beeps A wheel is stuck or is Pick up Roomba, place it down securely on the floor and not touching the ground touch the clean button to restart the cycle.
Roombas charger will illuminate a solid green light when plugged into a power source.