Finally, turn on the electrical breaker to test its operation.
Remove the plate on the bottom of the disposal to expose the wiring and use wire nuts to connect the wires from the disposal to the matching wires from the power supply.
Lay the disposal on its side and use a screwdriver and hammer to tap it out.(See Fig 1) 3, unscrew the large nut that holds the strainer in place underneath the sink.Drop the new sink flange user manual hgc tilt2 into the drain opening and press it into place.Product specifications give a snapshot overview of an InSinkErator hot tap or food waste disposer.

If you're looking for power cord kit installation instructions, click here.
If the discharge tube is too long, cut off as much of the tube as necessary.
This is the place to find our comprehensive collection of InSinkErator installation manuals and product specifications.Holding the disposal in place, turn the lower mounting ring until all three tabs are locked into the mounting assembly.If you are connecting the disposal to a dishwasher, it may be connected through an air gap.Replace the plate to cover the wires.Next, slip on the mounting ring and snap ring.Make sure manual para el cultivo de la trucha arcoiris the circuit breaker is off.Watch Learn, inSinkErator shows you how to install a garbage disposal by following the steps outlined in the instructions manual and as shown in this 4-minute video.1, large channel-lock pliers or a pipe wrench work well to loosen the nuts holding the pipes together.Insert the Quiet Collar Sink Baffle into the sink opening by pressing it into the sink until it snaps into place.