heroes oposing fronts patch

Lieutenants now enjoy long walks on the beach.
Fixed multiple network related crash bugs and connection issues.
British Priest Barrage now uses the same mini-map and tactical-map icon as the standard 25 Pounder version of the Overwatch Barrage ability.
V2.301 04/29/2008, irvine welsh crime ebook online - Removed game matching information in the console.Wehrmacht and Panzer Elite tanks with armored skirts are more resistant to infantry.Tweaked and changed some of the large cannons back to previous firing sounds based on community feedback.AI will no longer dodge artillery impeccably.Fixed for a crash that occurred when joining a game that was quickly created and destroyed by the host.Panzer Elite Vehicles shared veterancy radius reduced by 10 meters.1,778 online, company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts is the next chapter in the critically acclaimed Company of Heroes series.Fixed a number of issues with the World Builder.Panzergrenadier's Suppression Volley can properly target weapon crews that are set-up.Maps - Added a new map called Panzerkrieg: Hébécrevon.

Paratroopers and Rangers have their upkeep increased.
UI updates the ping in the game setup screen every 5 seconds.
Slowed British 25 Pounder Overwatch projectile.
Weapons will now auto-target defenses (Barbed Wire, Tank Traps, Sand Bags) while they are under construction.
Anti-tank class weapons (specifically the 37mm Pak 35, 50mm pak 38, 75mm pak 40, 17 pounder, 57mm) are now less accurate against infantry.Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts.American Bazooka damage reduced.Failure to find an automatch control record is now a fatal error when automatch polling, and is handled correctly by client.Connectivity should be improved.Hellcat damage multiplier increased.Fixed a usability issue with the Autopatcher error messages.The ability is not available until it has undergone one cooldown cycle.Panzerschreck accuracy vs AT guns reduced.Collisions between physics objects now produce material-specific sounds.Firestorm is less accurate and less damaging software photo editor full version to all buildings.Riflemen will now be affected by Rapid Response.Raised Panzerschreck squads preference to target Light Vehicles while garrisoned in buildings.Firestorm falls more quickly after being requested.Minimum james dashner the death cure pdf burning ground damage duration on the Nebelwerfer increased to 10 seconds.

Advanced repair upgrade now affects the Kettenkrad's repair ability.