Your lowest score will be dropped.
If necessary, leave materials/messages with the department secretaries.
Biology 100L General Biology Laboratory Manual by Newsome and Weidner.
See the Presentation page for details.
This is the time to megaupload pathfinder fr rpg pdf clean and re-supply the lab, and time for your instructor to prepare.If you have difficulties/problems and cant reach your TA, contact me, the Biology 100 Lab coordinator, Joe Newsome.Unless properly"d and cited, all work you turn in must be yours alone.Attendance: Four absences, or two unexcused absences in a row, will result in an F for the course.You may work with your lab group domdomsoft animeer crack to complete the lab pages but they must be submitted individually.You gotta network, because the amount of busy lab work will get overwhelming.As a result, the beginning of class is a bad time to answer individual questions.You must wear closed-toe shoes.These restrictions apply inside the rooms AT ALL times.

Please save these for after class or during office hours.
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Experiment Report: The experiment consists of a Topic selection, proposal, a draft, and a final report (total 100 points).
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594-2730, email email protected, sorry, like most instructors, I dont return calls from pagers or long-distance phone numbers.You will make a 5-minute presentation on a current issue that is related to a biological principle introduced in lab.Your best way through the pain in the butt Bio and Chem labs is to get a large group of non-stingy students and help each other out.Required Text Biology 100L General Biology Laboratory Manual by Newsome and Weidner Available at Aztec Bookstores.Equipment: Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course the successful student will be able to: recognize independent and dependent variables in an experiment, distinguish organisms of different kingdoms, outline the basics of photosynthesis and respiration, point out local habitats, read a cladogram, distinguish mitosis.You could come in, nordictrack cx 998 elliptical owners manual touch the computer (now bacterially-contaminated open a bottle of water with your contaminated fingers transferring bacteria to the mouth of the bottle, take a drink, and give yourself a few million bacteria.

Points Grading, exams (5) Weekly Lab data sheets Experiment Presentation Nature center assignment Participation total points: Exams: Exams are worth 30 points each.
You will also be absent for arriving over 20 minutes late or leaving more than 30 minutes early.