This is extremely useful for basketball players, who often have to make split-second decisions under enormous pressure.
If Red were coaching today, he would be appalled at how self-absorbed the game has become.
I was expected to think and behave in a rigidly prescribed manner.
Forward Bill Bradley, the future.S.
From that point on, big men around the league started thinking twice before getting into a tussle with Willis on the floor.This book is about my journey to try to unravel that mystery.I think thats a good idea, but coaching isnt all fun and games.In the NBA, rings symbolize status and power.This is something I used to do during the playoffs when I was a coach in the Continental Basketball Association, but the idea of sporting such a big chunk of bling on my finger every day seemed a bit much.He asked me if I had any reservations about signing with the Knicks, and I replied that I was thinking about going to graduate school to become a minister.Example: We had a player on the Lakers who loved to chase down balls on defense.But if you give it a large pasture to roam around in, it will be more content and less likely to break loose.Red found the synchronicity of it all amusing.Thats your lesson, the samurai said.The unfortunate by-product of all this is a marketing-driven obsession with superstardom that strokes the egos of a handful of ballplayers and plays havoc with the very thing that attracts most people to basketball in the first place: the inherent beauty of the game.And youre here getting signed and nobody knows.

Perhaps its my inherent shyness or the conflicting messages I got as a kid from my parents, who were both ministers.
When a player isnt forcing a shot or trying to impose his personality on the team, his gifts as an athlete most fully manifest.
But going to the brink against a team that was missing its top three stars showed our players just how treacherous the playoffs could.
In crack warez petra translator fact, the triangle is a simpler offense than most NBA teams run today.
But that was nothing compared to the distractions the Lakers faced in the belly of celebrity culture.Cazzie had a different problem.The key was getting a critical mass of players to buy into a more selfless approach to the game.I didnt worry so much about Kobe, even though he could go on a shooting spree at any second freeze me(2000)japaneseeng subsdvdrip xvid if he felt frustrated.But the Bullets were outmaneuvered by the Knicks, who picked me early in the second round (seventeenth overall leaving Krause, whod gambled that I wouldnt go until the third round, kicking himself for years.At the start of training camp, for instance, we used to perform a ritual that I borrowed from football great Vince Lombardi.Stage 5 a rare stage characterized by a sense of innocent wonder and the strong belief that life is great.First of all, Im phobic about large crowds.Whats more, we often invented rituals of our own to infuse practices with a sense of the sacred.This is especially true when the media is involved.The door is ajar.

Jerry Krause, the former general manager of the Chicago Bulls, understood this.
We were on a serious mission, and there wasnt going to be any letup, says forward Luke Walton.