Newer designations (as well as older ones which for unknown reasons are missing in DOD 4120.15-L which are confirmed by reasonably reliable sources as being official DOD designations (or soon to be so are shown in blue entries.
22-Aug-02 YMH-60R Sikorsky 2 T700-GE-401C Navy Used as prototype.
17-May-02 C-23C Short Bros.
25-Sep-03 NC-12B Beech 2 PT6A-41 Navy UC-12B aircraft buno 161311 configured with four P-3C sonobuoy launchers grundig g5 shortwave radio user manual 15-Dec-11 MC-12S Beech 2 PT6A-60A Army A modified version of the C-12S for a multi-mission role.Note F-35 05-Jun-02 F-35C Lockheed Martin 1 F135-PW-400 or 1 F136-GE-400 Navy Next generation fighter for aircraft carrier suitable version.All designations are presented here in the same format as in DOD 4120.15-L, and are ordered in their "canonical" sequence (sorted by primary mission/vehicle type letter, design number and series letter).10-Feb-03 RD-2B Northrop Grumman 1 AF Launch Recovery Element (LRE) - a line of sight control station used to launch and recover RQ-4 air vehicles.

25-Apr-03 RQ-4B Northrop 1 AE-3007H usaf Larger, enhanced version of RQ-4 UAV for expanded reconnaissance mission.
06-Feb-01 C-12U Beech 2 PT-6A-42 Army Complete cockpit configuration arctic monkeys humbug full album change from C-12F.
Modifications include: tail boom, main and tail rotator drive components, trasmission, and others.
He even remarks that this reminds him of "old times".Third Eye : Urizen has a third glowing eye in the middle of his forehead.14-Jan-03 MGM-140F Lockheed Martin 1 Army The Guided Missile integrates the Guidance, Warhead, the Rocket Motor, Control Section and the electronic batteries.23-Jul-99 X-40B Boeing TBD DOD Upgrade using reusable rocket motor, advanced thermal protection systems, avionics elcot tab keyboard driver software and flight control systems.Time Stands Still : The Ragtime Breaker can slow down an enemy or freeze them temporarily in place, allowing Nero to move about freely while still able to attack his enemies.Note TG-14A 19-Mar-04 TG-15A Schempp-Hirth none AF usaf Academy dual-seat Schempp-Hirth "Duo Discus" competition and training glider.DEP uses smaller electric motors across the wing leading edge as a high lift device, and larger motors mounted on each wing tip for cruise, coupled with a wing designed optimally for this electric motor configuration.MQM-171A MQM-171A is the.S.Now make a wish!

07-Dec-11 C-23D Short Bros.
However, many other of their over-the-top moves are very possible in-game, including jumping off walls, sliding across the ground, and even mowing down demons while riding a motorcycle.
This is a replacement aircraft for the UC-12B and UC-12F aircraft.