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"Thailand signs for more Gripen fighters, anti-ship missiles".
"Após mais de dez anos, Dilma escolhe caças suecos para a FAB" After more than 10 years, Dilma chooses Swedish fighters to FAB.
"Brazilian Senate approves Gripen financing deal".
"BAE chiefs 'linked to bribes conspiracy.In 2000, the Czech Republic began evaluating a number of aircraft, including the F-16, F/A-18, ebook awaken the giant within you Mirage 2000, Eurofighter Typhoon and the Gripen.Saab also intends to offer ground infrastructure, integrated C2 systems and datalinks, similar to the capabilities offered to the Royal Thai Air Force.100 Being intentionally unstable and employing digital fly-by-wire flight controls to maintain stability removes many flight restrictions, improves maneuverability, and reduces drag.

Test pilot rabbit skid patch calculator Rådeström lost control of the aircraft during a roll at low altitude when the aircraft stalled, forcing him to eject.
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Royal Thai Air Force JAS-39D in 2016 Gripen NG : improved version following on from the Gripen Demo technology demonstrator.194 However, in January 2012, the Hungarian and Swedish governments agreed to extend the lease period for a further ten years; according to Hungarian Defence Minister Csaba Hende, the agreement represented considerable cost savings."Thailand's Air Force: A Leading Power in asean?".Archived from the original on "Saab Offers Gripen to the Indian Air Force" (Press release).A mechanically scanned radar, the Mk4 will offer a 150 increase in high-altitude air-to-air detection ranges over the current Mk3 radar In the air-to-air mode at low altitude, the Mk4 will provide a 140 improvement over current capabilities by 2017 In addition to improving detection.A b "Saab's maiden flight with Gripen Demo" (Press release)."Saab targets Gripen at Philippine Air Force".234 Amid delays due to financial constraints, 235 236 there were reports in 2010 of the Rafale's selection, 237 and in 2011 of the F/A-18's selection.Potential and future operators edit Botswana edit Botswana has shown interest in the Gripen leading to Saab opening an office there in 2014.Competing aircraft responding to the requirement include the F-16V, Su-35, Rafale and Typhoon."South Africa fields first Gripen fighter"."Gripen Fires Production Meteor; Gripen E Assembly Begins".Archived from the original on b "Human Machine Interface".