When that happens, all of the matching pieces disappear from the screen.
You can also rotate the capsule in either direction with the A and B buttons, and make it drop faster by pressing down on the directional pad.
(It also bears some similarities to Columns, a new gta cheat codes for money ps3 game for the Sega Genesis.) As Mario tosses the different-colored vitamin capsules into the laboratory bottle, they gradually fall from the top of the screen.For a look at the NES version.In fact, the two-player mode might be even easier on the Game Boy than on the NES - the NES version squeezes both players' bottles onto the same screen.And to sweeten the pot a bit, Nintendo's entry in "the next Tetris" race also stars everyone's favorite plumber - or should we say doctor?Each capsule consists of two halves, and if one half disappears when you match a row, the other half remains on the screen.If you drop a capsule on top of a different-colored virus, there are only three ways to clear the virus later.This is possible because viruses, unlike capsules, do not fall toward the bottom of the screen when there's nothing to support them.In addition, the halves left behind might cover other viruses in the process, so careful planning is essential.It's the rotation feature that adds more strategy to the game.

And the longer you take to clear a level, the faster.
Mario is to eliminate all the viruses from the jar.
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There's also an option for no music.
Mario is no exception.Mario lets you choose from several options.If you succeed in clearing out all of your viruses (or if your opponent allows his vitamins to pile up to the top of the bottle you win the round.A capsule can be all black, all white, all gray, or a combination of two of those three colors.Mario is to eliminate the viruses that live in the jar.You can also select a two-player mode that lets you square off against another person.Right after he tosses a vitamin capsule into the bottle, the next capsule he will toss appears in his hand.You can set the speed and the number of viruses differently for each player, so a less-experienced player can compete on an even basis against a more skilled player.But once you've cleared the biological baddies from one jar, you advance to the next one.By "pieces we mean a whole capsule, or half of a capsule, or a virus.Fortunately, Mario had just developed a new set of vitamins that should have been able to kill the viruses.You have six kinds of vitamin capsules to use against the viruses, each made up of two colors.Using the controller, you can steer the capsules left or right and rotate them to various positions.In fact, the two-player mode might be even easier on the Game Boy than on the NES the NES version squeezes both players' bottles onto the same screen.Mario cartridge) hooked together with the Video Link cable.

A random piece falls for every row you clear, up to four rows.