Commercial aircraft flown: McDonnell irvine welsh crime ebook Douglas DC-9, DC-10, MD-11, MD-80 and Airbus A-320.
(See individual citation above.) Capt.
Flight Engineer, Cathay Pacific Airways.Autopilot and instrument mechanic,.S.Air Force Reserves (ret) World War II fighter pilot.Phase inspector on the Fairchild - Republic A-10 Thunderbolt II (aka "Warthog and McDonnell Douglas F-15E Strike Eagle.Founder of the Green Party of Vermont Fredrick.Ozark DC-3s and a TWA Connie are visible in the background.I transferred to Chicago with TWA in April 1972 (see t/1972-my-kind-of-town/ resulting in better ramp access for OHare picture taking.Air Force Command Fighter Pilot.I was back working in New York by then, but flew in and took a few black white shots at this spot.To the right, a pristine shot of another pure Three.

Author of Sound of Impact: The Legacy of TWA Flight 514 (See individual citation above.) Gordon Price Retired commercial airline pilot with Air Canada, flying Boeing 747-400, 36 years. .
Aircraft flown: Cessna 337 Skymaster, Cessna L-19 / O-1 Bird Dog, Partenavia.68 Victor, Piper PA-44 Seminole, Piper PA-30 Twin Comanche, Avions Pierre Robin DR400, Stinson L-5 Sentinel.
Commercial aircraft flown: Boeing 707, 727, 747, 767, McDonnell Douglas DC-10, MD-80, and MD-11, Douglas DC-6, and General Dynamics/Convair 990 Coronado. .
My shot from nearly the same spot on the H Concourse observation deck reveals Americans Convair 990 Astrojet N5612, not yet upgraded to 990A status but nevertheless considered state of the art at the time, especially compared with the vintage DC-3 it is about.Former Flight Data Recorder Engineer, Smiths Aerospace.The last passengers have deplaned and ground workers scurry to get ready for another load.Here are a few 1962 OHare shots, this one from brother Bob.(See individual citation above.) Dale Netley Airframe and Engine Technician with Coastal Pacific Airlines, Air British Columbia, and Air Canada Jazz.I did run into an old time once who had flown N1010D for Midway Airlines and offered to let him fly it again, but unfortunately he flew west before we could arrange.I got back out to OHare two days later, armed with a roll of color print film, and headed straight for the spacious observation deck.FAA certified Ground Instructor (Advanced and Instrument). .Wearing N372FE and flying freight, it later became a two-pilot MD-10F.Another fresh delivery from Palmdale, California, L-1011 N81027 caught my lens on October 30, 1975, just a month after entering service.350 total hours flown. .The carriers aircraft tail logo featured a symbol often called Herman shocklog 298 user manual the blue goose, but in fact Herman was a duck, indeed a Mallard duck!North Central occupied a concourse devoid of Jetways, which would not have fit these Convair-Liners nor the DC-3.

Visible in the background is the old Douglas plant, described in an earlier photo caption.
Until 1957, our family lived in suburban River Forest, Illinois, almost mid-point between Chicagos Midway and OHare Airports.