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Then you can make use of CSS3 features that allow the use of web hosted fonts; then even dual/triple colour text is possible on your web pages without the use of images like ".
Font-family Monotype Corsiva 'Apple Chancery 'ITC Zapf Chancery 'URW Chancery L cursive; This is a sample of Monotype Sorts.
There, youre ready to reference it in CSS.Although modern browsers support any font hosted on a website, older browsers only support fonts that are installed on the operating system (platform) used to view the website.Font-family Arial Black Gadget, sans-serif; This is a sample of Bookman Old Style.Courier New is similar to Times New Roman, and is a variation of an old classic.This is a heading, this alaska medicaid manual for provider is a paragraph "Trebuchet MS Helvetica, sans-serif, this is a heading, this is a paragraph, verdana, Geneva, sans-serif, this is a heading, this is a paragraph, monospace fonts font-family, example "Courier New Courier, monospace, this is a heading, this.There are font embedding services, such.Theyve been available on most devices for quite some time, and are widely accessible.Font-family Monotype Sorts dingbats, 'ITC Zapf Dingbats fantasy; If you are sure that the vast majority of your visitors will be using secure, modern and Standards Compliant browsers like Opera, Firefox, Safari, Froyo.Symbol fonts Youll find Wingdings, Webdings and the ITC Zapf Dingbats included with most of todays operating systems.And, it takes less than 60 seconds.

Used commonly on the XP version of the OS, it commonly appears as body copy online.
Advertisement, web safe fonts are something youll commonly find on a wide range of computer systems.
This is a heading, this is a paragraph "Comic Sans MS cursive, sans-serif, this is a heading, this is a paragraph, impact, Charcoal, sans-serif, this is a heading, this is a paragraph "Lucida Sans Unicode "Lucida Grande sans-serif.
It dates back to the styles used in 16th century Paris, but the new, improved version was introduced, and bundled with most Windows devices.Font-family:Consolas, 'Lucida Console 'DejaVu Sans Mono monospace; This is a sample of Courier.With this theme look.Font type you want if the browser can not be found, it will find from generic font type you like: Examples pfont-family Times New Roman Times, serif try it here are some commonly used font combinations, generic font family.Font-family Lucida Sans Unicode Lucida Grande 'Lucida Sans 'DejaVu Sans Condensed sans-serif; This is a sample of Cambria / Antiqua.