And all was goodfor a time.
I surely must have been part of crack amigo mediastar full the very first generation who could start a web business as a one-(wo)man band and without any capital to speak.
Other times it was database entries.7.) Deliberately Shopping for a Configuration Strategy Every gem (library) I included in my burgeoning Rails application was accompanied by a readme that prescribed its own particular way of supplying required configuration details (e.g.Google Analytics has a bunch of features that help with this task, but the setup is surprisingly fraught with problems.Soon afterward I released a series of tiny little static (or near-static) websites.8.) Adminimisation: Tips for Building Self-Service Admin Areas external The frontend of most web applications can be subdivided into user-facing and admin-only.

What I failed to realise is that bugs are pack animals.
Owing to the prodigious amount of context and care needed, before I started my ritual, I typically lost an hour finding my feet again when resuming a sufficiently thorny bug hunt.
He suggested replacing idiosyncratic dependencies with "standard" solutions, even though I had darned good reasons for going against the grain in most cases.I remember one instance where it appeared that the data recorded in Google Analytics failed to match that in Facebooks ad platform and that in my websites sales dashboard.All of this is true.The uploader was in Flash (this was before JavaScript could do multi-file stuff and I couldnt spare the time to learn a dying language.This moral 24 season 4 episode 1 is promoted heavily by powerful software vendors (and library maintainers since it reduces their maintenance load and makes their lives easier.This is all well and goodbut what happens if one of these scripts simply stops working?In my case, the majority of functionality was admin-only.21.) 7 Keys to Systematic Debugging In my naive early days as a programmer, I would respond to a bug report by diving straight into the code, fixing it, deploying that fix, and then getting on with my day as planned.Among them were Ruby language books, beginner/intermediate Rails books, Linux books, JavaScript books, and even a few computer science classics like.