Racing through a city created specifically for destruction.
Utilize an arsenal of Power-ups like nitro speed boosts, shock attacks.
It's got the looks, the style, the superb sense of speed, and spot-on handling model that blurs the line between sim and arcade.
Director: Jeff Bunker Stars: Hira Ambrosino, David Boat, Bruce Campbell, Michael Donovan Votes: 142 74 Stereoscopic 3D 4-Player Split Screen Campaign Avalanche Software Animation, Action Journey beyond the film experiences an all-new adventure as Lightning McQueen, Cruz Ramirez, Jackson Storm and other beloved characters gather.
The fastest, slickest ride of your life has arrived.Adventure, the most important part of any WipEout title is the smoothness of the experience.DiRT 3 is hard to pick fault with.Stars: Matthew Metzger, Martin McCoy III, Saul Stein, Nikki Snelson Votes: 282 82 Custom Music Track Editor Servers Offline PS3 Greatest Hits Rockstar San Diego Action, Crime, Drama "Driver San Francisco" is a game of detective Tanner figuring out his powers of being able.Stars: Kent Frick, Dan Green, Jason Griffith, Eric Kelso Votes: Player Split Screen Sumo Digital Action, Crime, Sport The only free member of the Blacklist of Rockport City must now bring down an old ally, in complete control of the street racing world in Palmont.Create your unique racing experience, Mod character, quirky kart and imaginative track, and share your unique racing experience with the rest of the world.And San Francisco to Spain, the UK and more to take on the best the streets have to offer.

At the start of each new movie, the player is presented with a short.
Votes: 62 89 2-Player Split Screen Stereoscopic 3D Single Player Custom Music.
This game also has many maps and different game modes to play.
Directors: Craig Sullivan, Andrew.
Director: Martin Edmondson Stars: Demetri Goritsas, Peter Benson, Michael Dobson, Stewart Alexander Votes: Player Split Screen Co-Op Mode Custom Music Ubisoft Reflections 18 Action, Horror, Sci-Fi Follow the story of three desperate souls being driven by his most intimate desires and weakneses.Criterion Games, action, welcome to Paradise City, a huge racing battle ground with plenty of traffic call of duty 5 world at war pc cheats to wreck and billboards to smash.2008 ATV Racer 83 Black Rock Studio SkyDrift (2011) 76 Digital Reality Action Racers compete in no-rules street races, dodging trophy patch for tomb raider traffic and running through whatever gets in their way.Codemasters undoubtedly has one of the best racing game development studios.Director: Dave 'Foots' Footman Stars: Emmanuelle Vaugier, Tahmoh Penikett, Dean McKenzie, Chris Gauthier Votes: 2,787 75 2-Player Split Screen No Trophies PS3 Greatest Hits EA Black Box Sport A Rivalry between cops and racers has broken out in Redview County.See full summary » Director: Nick Baynes Votes: Player Split Screen Black Rock Studio 82 4-Player Split Screen Campaign Sumo Digital Action You play as a driver, who races his way through illegal street races in an open world Los Angeles in this racer from.Director: Matt Southern, stars: Danielle Judovits, Steve Blum, Dominic Catrambone, Ben Diskin Votes: 110 77 2D 4-Player Split Screen Stereoscopic 3D Single Player Custom Music PS3 Greatest Hits Evolution Studios Action Travel the globe from.A.Director: David Weinstein Stars: Michael McConnohie, Tom Lommel, Richard Epcar, Alicia Fusting Votes: 88 82 4-Player Split Screen Custom Music Track Editor PS3 Greatest Hits United Front Games Action, Comedy, Family Join Sackperson and the other inhabitants of LittleBigPlanet as they venture into racing.See full summary » Votes: 13 Nail'd (2010) 66 Servers Offline Techland Mad Riders (2012) 71 Techland Sport Players explore Ibza and Hawai whilst trying to win the coveted "Solar Crown" in this open world racing game.The only vehicles allowed are ATV (All Terrain Vehicle aka quad bike) and MTX (motocross.

Director: Craig Sullivan Stars: Joseph May, Charles Hegarty, Nell Mooney, Stefan Ashton Frank Votes: 910 80 Custom Music Ghost Games Action Add a Plot Star: Carlos Diego Votes: 298 84 No Trophies Servers Offline PS3 Greatest Hits Evolution Studios Drama Announced A disastrous nuclear event.