animal crossing diary codes

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This was meant as a way to share and send items if the player and their friend can't meet each other in person.
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Math A-I-Ko-To-Ba Donkey Kong A-I-Ko-To-Ba Be-N-Ga-Do-Ne-Ka-Gu-I-Be-Go-To Golf A-I-Ko-To-Ba Du-Mu-O-I-A-Te-Chi_Du-So-Ya-Be Gomoku Narabe A-I-Ko-To-Ba Mahjong A-I-Ko-To-Ba N-Zu-Ki-Zo-Di-O-Mi-Gu-I-Ji-Ho Wario's Woods A-I-Ko-To-Ba To-Wa-Ke-Yu-Du-Mu-O-I-A-Te-Chi Du-So-Ya-Be-Mu-I-De-A-Yu-Du-Mo Carpet Passwords Carpet Password 8 Mat Tatami [email protected] sqo9cb#3UaKHs3 Block Flooring 666abcdn66efgH DyGabcd6B6efgH Blue Flooring [email protected] [email protected] Boxing Ring Mat 66zabccn66efgH ayGcbcd6BagfgH Checkered Tile E7M6IE7M6sE7hY.
However, codes were released online and became an easy way to get rare items, such as golden tools, gyroids, and even fish and bugs.
Covered Wagon, arariaAnfSarah SpurlOageUeo 2, cow Skull, arariaAndrarah auto repair manual 2003 Swurl5ngtre5.In, tom Nook's store in, animal Crossing, the player can choose to ask for and say passwords for items.Warning: This page contains information that may be recognized as in-game cheats or spoilers.Coffee Machine, e7M6s kp, pop Machine, twspoGrhumanmY ThRpoorhumanyG.Contents show, furniture Passwords, furniture Password. Below is a list of passwords for most, but not all items in, animal Crossing.Mambo [email protected] [email protected]