age of mythology nocd

I normally make a new folder in the games install folder (main directory) to move the original.exe.
How satisfied are you with this response?
How satisfied are you with this reply?
Did this solve your problem?Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.Of course noCD's are only for convenience so I don't have to to find one box out of 100 in order to play a game - (end disclaimer - lol).I don't have the game so I only downloaded the noCD fix to verify it was a simple fix - some games need multiple files to run without the CD, but most of the older ones only need the games.exe replaced.With some games the - - -.exe is created on installation from one of the larger files on the disc, resistance 2 iso megaupload so you will only find the setup.

Some of these have an option to install the 'additional' files.
Exe file should be in the folder the game is installed.
It is best to 'move' the original - - -.exe file as sometimes copies don't work.
Older games will sometimes play music direct from the disc.
It will have the same icon as the desktop (or start msnu) shortcut.(This is just a 'best practice' thing as you can always reinstall the game if something goes wrong.Thanks for marking this as the answer.With most games the.exe is in the main folder, but in others it is in a sub-folder (binaries, etc).I've had a couple of noCD's that didn't work, and sometimes you need the original if a new patch comes out or the patch will not install).Thanks for your feedback.Then again being a Monopolyoft product, it may just be insistent on the disc being present.Maybe the CD loads information while playing.Age of Mythology is not compatible with Windows7.Access the link to check for the game compatibility with Windows.The reason I want to play Age without the CD is b/c my son 5-wants to play together while we fight the enemy.