I do, however, plan oninstalling a two-stage boost controller to help stabilize boost.
Credited for destroying thousands of engines.
Current plans for the car is Coilovers, crack speed connect accelerator Full car wrap, new wheels, engine mods, body mods like side skirts, splitter, diffuser, exhaust, making interior as clean as possible.
Apexi safc :, instruction Manual, wiring Manual.
Thank you for reading, here is few pics of how it is currently looking.Optional stainless playboy magazine mu pdf steel one costs more but will last longer.That said, a fuzzy logic controller will be slightly faster than a manual controller, maybe 2/10ths of a second on a 1/4 mile.Any addition of nitrous must have an additional amount of fuel to maintain the proper F/A ratio.Underdrive pulleys: Basically changes the size of the pulleys on the power steering pump, A/C condenser, alternator.Disclaimer: Due to factors beyond the control of Budget Boosting, I cannot guarantee against improper use or unauthorized modifications of this information.Price: 100-150 for a good pull type fan (works better several hours custom installation time vendors: Torando Electric Fans.Of course if you need to run really high boost levels, and have 50mm piping, by all means, change the throttle body.That is, the motor cannot (should not) be bored, stroked or ported.

There is no point whatsoever to have a tip whose diameter exceeds the exhaust system pipe diameter.
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Near stock volume inside, low grumble from outside, probably the quietest system available.
And no joke people, it will be an increase of 50 Rear Wheel horsepower.An intercooler is added to one, the boost pressure of this car is now measured at 10psi, so a pressure drop of 2psi was experienced due to the installation of the I/C and all the associated piping.HKS Variable Boost Controller: 150 US Manual controller, not electronic.Apexi product support manuals, apexi AFC NEO :, instruction Manual, wiring Diagram, wire Colors 1, wire Colors 2, apexi AVC-R :, instruction Manual, wiring Manual.Make sure your alternator is up to snuff.In addition, almost all these controller will come with a replacement adjustable pop-off valve.Safety margins limit the stock injectors to 12psi (for overheating reasons, actually).Detonation is caused by an excessively lean mixture(not enough fuel) or/and an extremely high intake manifold temperature.Beyond the scope of this FAQ.

Despite what you may hear, nitrous with turbocharging is a fantastic combination.
The motor is designed for a specific size, to keep weight and reciprocating masses down.