The contact stated vehicle stalled intermittently when the vehicle was placed in neutral.
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The consumer believes the loss of power steering and brakes when in neutral in dangerous and he thinks the vehicle should be recalled.Factory highly detailed repair manuals, with complete instructions and illustrations, wiring schematics and diagrams to completely service and repair your vehicle.Manual Transmission problem 3, failure Date: 12/21/2007, just recently, my 2001 Honda Civic was having a zoomed picture word game cheats problem while driving.Possible significant expense to fix.Find itprint ituse ITthen Trash.Manual Transmission problem.No more flipping through books to find what you need.So my friend and a strange pushed my car into the parking lot.When it stalled the vehicle lost power steering and power brakes.

Later that morning a representative for west broad Honda stated my transmission need to be replaced.
Service manual covers: *engine overhaul AND rebuilding *brakes *sunroof *timing belt replacement *trouble codes *wiring diagrams *troubleshooting casio g shock resist 5081 manual AND diagnostics *computer diagnostic trouble tree charts *engine performance *front END AND alignment procedures AND specifications *suspension *transmission removal AND installation *AIR conditioning service AND capacities *transmission.
When I got home I did some research and found out exactly what it was.
The beginning of June I was driving and the car stalled in the middle of the street.
But they found nothing wrong and the problem continued for a couple of weeks.Failure Date: 2001 Honda Civic manual transmission pops out of gear.The check engine light did not come on until the next day.When I was in 5th gear driving down the highway, the shifter would "pop" out of 5th and go into neutral.According to everyone I've spoken with, the transmission should not have problems with a car this old and with this many miles.Being evaluated by car repair shop.Print only the pages and diagrams you require.It is vehicle specific.I thought my problems were over until September 11, 2003 when my car started racing for no reason.I explain to the service representative that my car will not start at times and when it started it felt like it was going to cut off.Manual Transmission problem 7, failure Date.In 05 they replaced components of my gear shift for 2nd 5th gear because they were popping out this issue started last year and when I asked about it they said it was probably the tranny so I replaced it last August now it won't.